The last three decades passed can be rightly termed as the ‘Crisis Period’ in agriculture in Kerala, which happens to be the mainstay of the village economy. As an agency primarily concerned with rural life, it was imperative on the part of CHASS to meaningfully express its solidarity and support to remedy the crisis with appropriate interventions directed towards Sustainable Agriculture. In this respect, the Society resorted to a multi-pronged intervention strategy namely,

  • Farmers Dynamic Organizations and Networking
  • Whole Farm Approach
  • Organic Farming Practices
  • Value added Product Processing and Storage
  • Organized Marketing
  • Sustainable Livelihood through Integrated Management (SLIM)

( A model project specially designed for Kuttanad region the rice bowl of Kerala -Supported by Caritas India)

Aim of the project

Developing intensified sustainable paddy farming model in the Kuttanad area.

Specific Objective

Increase farm productivity of 5 selected Padasekharas (Paddy fields) in Kuttanad region at least 20% increase through integrated organic agriculture practices, multi-cropping pattern, value addition of products etc.

Activities carried out under this Project

  • Organizing the Target Group
  • Orientation Programs
  • Farmers’ field school
  • Training on multi cropping:
  • Formation of seed bank by collecting local multi crops
  • Interface with government departments
  • Agri entreneneurship training
  • Development retreat
  • Multi Cropping Model Creation
  • SHG Market Development
  • Establishment of Organic manuare production units
  • Family Farming Activities

2014 Being the International Year of Family Farming, CHASS has taken special effort in promoting family farming through its partner families. “Feeding the world, caring for the earth” was the formal wording of the 2014 theme. CHASS take this as an opportunity to rejuvenate the traditional farming practices. Family farming protects agro diversity by preserving traditional seed verities and also inculcates sustaining food habits.

Key Achievements

  • Mobilized 75000 families for family farming
  • Village level orientation programs on organic farming in 168 villages
  • Sharing of traditional agriculture knowledge to SHG members
  • Promotion of Kitchen gardening, poultry farms, goat rearing, waste land cultivation, group farming , terrace farming, farming in grow bags, Sunday markets etc. among 75000 families in Kottayam, Alappuzha, Pathanamthitta, Kollam and Trivandrum districts.

Specific objectives of the program

  • Promotion of family farming in 125000 families
  • Ensure safe food for all
  • Effective and sustainable waste disposal in families
  • Promote water conservation in households and agriculture land
  • Promote water and sanitation programs
  • Plastic free villages
  • Promotion of organic farming and mixed cropping

Action Plan

Organic farming – Fruits and vegetable cultivation – Cultivation of roots & tubers – Preparation and application of bio-inputs – Organic pesticides – Sangavipani- Sunday markets – Seed preservation – Waste land cultivation – Group farming etc

Soil & Water Conservation -Rainwater harvesting- Rain pits – Ferro cement water tanks –Well recharging and backwashing – Filter systems – Tarpaulin ponds – Protection of water sources etc.

Waste Management– Biogas plants- Vermin composting- Pipe composting- Terracotta tanks – Ring compost –Muchatty composting – compost pits, etc.

Plastic Disposal – Awareness creation- Collecting plastic and depositing in pits – Reuse of plastic items- Re-processing of plastic etc.

  • Valarhtukootam

The animal husbandry department of CHASS is named as Valarhtukootam. Under this sector CHASS is giving technical as well as marketing support to the people for rearing domestic animals and birds for fetching supplementary income to their families. The service of one full time expert is made available for the effective implementation of this scheme.

Category Units investment Units Investment
    Bank/CU Loan Own Contribution Total(Rs)
Diary 95 2375000 237500 2612595
Goat 295 2212500 442500 2655295
Rabbit 51 127500 25500 153051
Poultry 312 936000 312000 1248312
Duck 157 471000 157000 628157
  • Haritha Samridhi

Haritha Samrithi is a mission to develop and promote the agriculture based activities with the co-operation of government departments and agricultural officers of various regions. The aim of the programme is to provide chemical free food. During the year 1812 families collaborate with this scheme.

  • Samrudha Agriculture Nursery Kurumbanadom

Samrudha Agriculture Nursery Kurumbanadom is a demonstration farm and a plant nursery in support of the agriculture programmes being promoted by CHASS. Samrudha has a compound measuring three hectors situated 12 kms away from CHASS headquarters. The main objective of samrudha is to promote sustainable organic farming and to protect the interests of farmers. Samrudha is famous for its Demonstration plots for coconut, rubber, plantain, banana, vegetables, roots & tubers, pepper, ginger etc. During the reporting period Samrudha extended its service to more than 7500 farmers by way of awareness creation, model farm creation and supply of seeds, seedlings, grow bags etc.

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