CHASS is functioning through village micro development organizations. More than that of an operational link this grassroots organization is visualized to develop in community development work of the concerned village in a self propelled and duly synthesized manner. It is placed on record here that the formation and activation of these village organizations entailed out a lot of animation work and trainings of various types and grades.

 Profile of the Animation program at grassroots, regional and central level during 2014-15

Category No. of programs Total Participants
SHG Leaders Training 65 3315
SHG Sangamam 473 47300
Credit Union  Leaders training 18 630
Credit Union Animators training 11 330
Specified Persons– Jeevanmadhur 123 246
Lead farmers training 18 396
MS leaders training 10 540
EDP training 18 450
WATSAN Awareness 22 1364
Community organizers training 8 256
CBR workers training 4 32
CHASS Local Unit Leaders training 18 810
Skill training 69 1725

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