Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) has been advocated internationally for a decade as the core strategy for improvement of the quality of life of persons should be active partners in the planning and implementation of all measures affecting their civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights but very often the right to civilized life is often denied to the frequently spin the differently able to an incessant, vicious loop so there is an absolute, urgent need for their complete rehabilitation. The vision is to bring up the differently able persons in to the main stream of the society with community participation and involvement. And the mission is to enhance the quality of life of the differently able individuals and create social awareness about their problems. Since many years, the concern for the differently able persons had been expressed by the CHASS in different ways, mostly through sponsorship and running special institutions for their care. However, the approach has undergone a desirable change with the introduction of community-based rehabilitation in the year 1999 As a means towards reaching the message to the families and the community at large, CHASS has put in to service 7 animators who conduct house visits at regular intervals, give training to the family members on the scientific aspects of treating the disabled dependants as well as the institutional services available, initiate home based training of the disabled etc. In every village self help groups of the disabled monitored by the guardians are in place. Besides, local committees also have been formed as support groups. Under CBR program CHASS cover 138 Panchayats, 20 Blocks and 9 Municipalities in five civil districts of Kerala. Our major intervention components are

  • Disability survey & detection of PDA
  • Obtaining medical& disability certificate
  • Linking with Government welfare provisions
  • Surgical corrections and therapeutic interventions
  • Supply of instrumental aids & appliances
  • Building community & family responsibility
  • Availability of professional services of CBR workers at source
  • Vocational training for PDA
  • Job placement and self employment
  • Organizing and activating Self Help Groups

Presently 5856 disabled persons under different categories have been benefited from Community Based Rehabilitation Programme of CHASS during the last 16 years. By way of stating the tangible results that have been achieved by the program, 551 youth were imparted job oriented vocational training/ skills; 582 placed in jobs; another 1120 provided with self-employment schemes; 1538 given aids & appliances; 113 assisted with houses and 2465 persons enrolled under permanent disability pension schemes.

Number of the stakeholders for the year 2014-15


Accomplishments of the CBR Programme 2014-2015

Sl No Type of Support No of Units
1 Physiotherapy/ surgical corrections 18
2 Aids and appliances 62
3 Skill training 72
4 Self employment/ IGP 82
5 Specially designed Sanitary Latrines 173
6 Housing 4
7 House maintenance 3
8 Well digging 15
9 Medical treatment 13
10 Educational aid 68
11 Group employment schemes 4
12 Medical camps 7
13 Goat bank 2
14 Awareness programs 44
15 Special Grama Sabha participation initiated by CHASS 12
16 Enrollment in welfare schemes 72

A. Rehaswiss Program

Rehaswiss , Switzerland an international funding agency having headquarters at Switzerland working exclusively for the sustainable development of differently able people helped CHASS to provide IGPs to 45 people during 2014-15 period along with Skill training and awareness program for the siblings of differently able.

B. Asha Talent Promotion

It is a dream project of REHASWiSS to upgrade the talents of the differently able women by initiating their creativity and work culture for better result and to improve their own income through innovative projects. The main objective of the project is to promote the creativity and talent of the differently able by providing innovative impulses and inspiration.

C.Activity SHG of PWDS

Ten PWDs in Changanacherry and nearby area come together and formed an SHG named BSNL SHG to undertake the telephone bill folding work of BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) in Kottayam, Pathanamthitta, and Alappuzha districts. The main work of the members is folding and stapling of around five lakhs telephone bills every month. . Each member is getting an average of Rs. 3500/- per month as wages for this work. The work is under the strict monitoring of CBR coordinator, CHASS.

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