Least income families and families having no earning member in the rural communities face severe challenges as they struggle to come up in life. These families are leading an excluded life from the mainstream of the society and their self-esteem is very low. Save A family Plan, is one of the pioneer and premier international organizations working exclusively for the upliftment of the poor and the marginalized with a humanitarian approach. CHASS has 47 years working collaboration with Save A family Plan for the upliftment of the poor and marginalized families in the operational area of the Archdiocese of Changanacherry.

SAFP Family Development program

Under Family Development regular sponsorship program supported by Save A family Plan CHASS could extend support to 280 most needy families from 13 regions during 2014-15. The support is used for improving their socioeconomic conditions through house visits, awareness creation, infrastructure development, education assistance to children, medical treatment and livelihood development promotion etc. The monthly sponsorship support was found very useful to the poor families to have initial capital to start micro- enterprises of their choice and earn regular income from it.

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