Development is fundamentally an empowering process. This is the summary of the so called paradigms shift from welfare model to a model that would enable people to analyze their life situation and explore ways and means to chalk out their destiny. We have moved from sympathy to empathy, from compassion to justice, from an attitude of receiving to positioning on the basis of rights. The programs and social interventions are planning and implementing to meet the changing demand of the target communities in the above circumstances. This is possible only when the organization attempts to learn from ongoing changes in the development sector. CHASS is always vigilant in capacitating its personnel to improve their performance in the respective areas leading to measurable results in achieving the organization’s goal and objectives

Ongoing Programs

Activity Nature of intervention Participation
Management training Capacity Enhancement Governing Board
FCRA Training Capacity Enhancement Accounting staff & Directors
Monthly PME Capacity Enhancement Staff & Directors
Study Tour Capacity Enhancement Staff & Directors
Staff Trainings Capacity Enhancement Staff
Leadership Training Capacity Enhancement Village Leaders
Community Organizers trainings Capacity Enhancement Community Organizers
Policy Papers Fine tuning Institution Development Core team Members
Local Fund Mobilization programs Institution Development The entire CHASS Family
Annual plan preparation Institution Development Core team Members, Staff, Directors
Annual General Body, Annual report, Annual accounts publication Transparency and accountability of the Organization Directors, Core team Members

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