Date Events
1966 August 6 Official Inauguration of CHASS
1966 Sept.19 Registration of CHASS under Travancore Cochin Scientific Literary and Charitable Societies Registration Act XII of 1955 having Registration No.  K.44/1966
1968 April 3 Started Save A Family Plan project
1972 Jan.10 Separated Kanyakumari District from CHASS and formed a new  society named Kanyakumari Social Service Society
1973 July 3 Archdiocesan Charity Fund inaugurated and launched
1975 march 19 Inauguration of the Cooperative tailoring Centre ( COPTAC)
1977 June 2 NNEP programme of Catholic Relief Service started
1977 Aug.1 Launching the Targeted Maternal Child Health Education Programme ( TMCHEP)
1977 Aug 26 Khadi & Village Industries Programme started with the support of Khadi Board
1979 Nov.14 Registration of Kuttanad Vikasana Samithy
1979 Dec. 5 Khadi spinning unit at Amalagiri
1980 March 17 Started Grama Silpa at Changanacherry
1980 Aug.4 Khadi Production Centre at Athirampuzha
1980 Oct. 7 Khadi weaving unit at Thrickodithanam
1980 October 16 Started Mar. Antony Padiyara Episcopal Silver Jubilee Memorial Education Loan Scholarship Scheme
1980 Oct.18 Inauguration of Samrudha Agriculture centre
1980 Dec. 9 Implementation of Socio- Economic development Seminar
1982 April 1 Started Assumption khadi centre at Kurumbanadom
1983  March 31 CHASS is under the direct list of KVIC
1983 April 15 MCH programme started
1986 Aug 16 Inauguration of the  Khadi Gramodyog Vidyalaya Mallappally
1987 April 10 Started Integrated Community Health Project in Kuttanad and Changanacherry taluk
1987 May 1 Started Slum Adoption/development programme
1987 November 10 Started the project of  Tile roofing for 1000 families
1987 Dec. 5 Started Partnership with CAPART ,Started Low cost latrine construction project
1988 Jan 1 Launching of the Credit Union Programme
1988 May 20 Inauguration of the Khadi Bhavan at Kottayam
1989 Dec. 28 Launching of the TB Eradication Project
1990 April 9 Cane & Bamboo unit at Mannila
1990 Oct.17 Launching of Bee-keeping Programme
1990 Nov. 15 Honey Processing Unit at Kurumbanadom
1990 Jan 15 Modern Roofing Scheme  programme for 2500 families
1990 Nov. 24 Launched Integrated Community Health programme in Kuttanad region
1990 July 11 Registration of a separate entity for Women empowerment programme named AWARD Mahilasamajam
1991 June 5 Launched Integrated Child development Project – started 65 Child development centers
1991 November 29 Inauguration of the Silver Jubilee Celebration of CHASS
1992 February 22 Started Partnership with Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment New Delhi ,Started ACCEPT De-addiction Centre at Punnapra
1992 Nov. 15 Launched Integrated Dalit Development Programme
1992 November 1 Started HDFC Housing Scheme
1993 Jan15 Valedictory Function of the Silver Jubilee Celebration
1993 July 3 Started Grassroots level workers training programme
1994 August 10 Inauguration of the Bakery  Unit
1994 August 15 Started Integrated Village development Programme in Alappuzha region
1994 Sept 28 Started Home Nursing Programme
1994 Nov. 3 Started Samrudha Development Centre
1994 Nov. 3 Started Silk Reeling Unit at Samrudha
1994 Dec. 10 Started AIDS Control Programme
1995 February 10 Inauguration of the CHASS Soap Powder unit
1995 February 10 Inauguration of the Fruit Preservation Unit
1995 March 5 Launched Vettumuttathoru Poshakathottam Padhathy
1995 March 5 Started Kuttanad Darsan Padanakalari
1995 July 8 Publication of CHASS Voice
1995 November 28 Inauguration of CHASS Poultry Club
1995 Dec.1 Started Dalit Development programme in 40 villages
1996 April 25 Started IAY Housing scheme in association with CAPART
1996 May 2 Started CHASS Institute of Rural Technology
1996 June 10 Started the formation of SHGs – Self Help Group is a neighborhood fraternity of a likeminded people with an average membership of 20 people (families).   It is a grassroots level people’s Organization mainly intended to mobilize the human resource for community development.  
1996 October 9 Inauguration of Mar. Joseph Powathil Episcopal Jubilee Memorial Housing Scheme
1997 Jan 3 Started Integrated Village development Programme in Edathua region
1999 April 10 Started Watershed Development Activities in Manimala Region
1999 Dec 3 Launched Community Based Rehabilitation of the Differently Able Programme
2000 February 15 Started  the Mahajubilee Housing Scheme
2002 Oct 20th Award from NABARD for SHG linkage  program
2003 Sept 1st Started Jalanidhi Project
2006 Sept  7th Launched ‘Jalatharng’ watershed programs
2007 Feb 2nd Launched Jeevan Madhuoor – assistance for marriage and education
2007 June 1st Community based disaster preparedness project
2008 March 20th Launched universal Health insurance – medi claim
2008 May 20th Launched Janasree Bheema Yojana Program
2008 Aug 30th Launched SMCA Housing Project
2008 Oct 2nd Started Mahilasureksha welfare scheme for  women
2009 April 1st Launched death fund for SHG members
2010 March 25th Launched life care insurance
2010 July 25th Launched Selavip program- 40 houses for differently able
2010  Oct 20th Launched Jeevan Mangal insurance
2010 Nov 3rd Launched Jointly Liability Groups
2010 Dec 18th Launched Farmers club
2011 Oct 1st Krupa Bhavan Housing Scheme
2011 Dec 3rd Won National Award in the field of empowerment of persons with disabilities from Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment
2012 July 28th Launched Sustainable Livelihood Through Integrated Management Program
2013 Sept 7th CHASS got approval of Kerala State government as the nodal agent for home and institution based waste management
2014 June 15 Started skill development training ( Electrical & Home appliances repair, refrigerator & A C Repair, Pumps & Motor Repair and central Air Conditioning )  for youth  in association with ICICI Academy for Skills
2014  Aug 18th Started free driving courses economically backward rural youth
2014 Sept  17th Micro credit facilities to 65 backward and Minority SHGs under micro credit schemes through Kerala State Backward Community Development Corporation
2014 Sept 29th National Environment Awareness Project under Centre for Environment and Development ( CED ) started
2015 Jan 13th Inauguration of Harithvarsham Harithagram Golden Jubilee Memorial Program
2015 March 8th Launching of ‘Social Mainstreaming of Spinsters and Aloof women, project in collaboration with Kerala Social Service Forum
2015 April 13th Celebrated Coptac Ruby Jubilee
2015 June 5th Inauguration of (Nakshatra Vanam”) in association with Social  Forestry Department  under Harithvarsham Harithagram  
2015 August 1st Started Mutual Benefit Scheme
2015 October 20th Launching of Promotion and protection of Child Right Project in collaboration with Kerala Social Service Forum


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