A. Associated Women’s Action for Rural Developments (AWARD)

Associated Women’s Action for Rural Developments (AWARD) is the network of 93 Mahilasamajams functioning under CHASS at rural villages. The mahilasamajams of village women are purported to play effective complementary role in shaping up a vibrant and value based village community in all respects. It is noteworthy to mention here that almost all these women mahilasamajams have come forward as a strong force to join movements and struggles against social evils and for social justice at grassroots. At present, the women groups have come in a big way to take up enterprises and engage in definite occupations in order to prove their worth in the economic life of the community also as an empowered force.

B. Grahasree

The programme intends to generate safest employment opportunities especially for rural women those who struggle with financial bottlenecks. The services provided under Grahasree programme include, care after delivery, part time house maid, child rearing etc. At present 31 women are working under GrahaSree programme

C. Social Mainstreaming of Spinsters and Aloof Women

CHASS launched a new project for Spinsters and Aloof Women in collaboration with Kerala Social Service Forum. The project aims at elevating the overall status of disowned deprived “single women” and socially legitimizing “single womanhood” provided with full social and legal entitlements as well as equal opportunities like any other sanctified vocations of life.



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